Seviye Tespit Sınavı

1 - Hello! ___name is John and what is ______?
2 - A dog has four____ and a bird has two____.
3 - What time does the lesson start?
_ It starts at______.( 10.45)
4 - ____ students came to school yesterday?
5 - When is your birthday?
It is ______________.
6 - It is really cold in Aydın.
Yes, I know. It is because we are in_____.
7 - There is ___ cake on the plate. Who ate it all?
8 - Istanbul is ____ city in Turkey and even Ankara, the capital, is_____than it.
9 - Would you like to drink something hot?
- Yes, please. I’d like to have some_____.
10 - ____ any flowers___ the living room?
11 - Thomas: How_____ languages _______your cousin _____?
Mike:Three. German, Dutch and English
12 - He always ____ at 7 o’clock in the morning.
13 - He ____ me out in the kitchen when the electricity went off.
14 - Did you _________ a lot when you were a child?
- yes, a lot.
15 - Ada and Akan built this doghouse by ____________.
16 - What is your career plan after you graduate from university ?
-I _________ do master’s degree in civil engineering.
17 - My son always says that he wants to drive my car but he
is only 13 years old.
-He is ________ to have a driving license.
18 - How many times __________ abroad so far?
19 - The grass __________ by the gardener everyday regularly.
20 - In England you ________ drive on the left side of the road.

Our school has a Glee Club and it’s brilliant. I know this because I am a member! So what is a Glee Club? Simple- it is a club for singing and I love singing.

Miss Higgins is the club leader. She chooses the songs and helps us to sing them. She plays the piano, too. She is really cool and she is really kind. She never gets angry with us. She is not even the school Music teacher. She teaches Maths, but she just loves singing.

We often sing popular songs from films, but we sometimes sing old songs from the 1960s and 1970s. Three times a year, we perform our songs in front of the rest of the school in a special concert. I feel so happy when I am on stage. The teachers and the other students always cheer when we finish. It feels wonderful.

I love Glee Club. Music is a great way to bring people together. You make so many friends at Glee Club and not just with people from your school year. Glee Club is for all ages.

We meet in the school hall every Tuesday at lunch time and every Friday after school. Come and join us – we are always happy to see new people.

1 - The school has a club ____.
2 - the club leader is _____.
3 - The club members meet _____.
4 - The Glee Club members____.
5 - Miss Higgins is____.
6 - The songs ____.
7 - The club performs their songs__.
8 - When the club members do something wrong, Miss Higgins____.


Delaney Clemens is eleven. She ___(9) a big smile and beatiful hair. She is a very active girl and loves sport. Delaney is vey popular___(10) her classmates. Her___(11) friend is a girl called Kamryn. She is in Delanay’s class.

One day, Delanay is very tired and feels___(12). Her mum and dad take___(13) to hospital. The doctors check the girl. They say that Delaney is vey ill. She’s got cancer. Her parents are very___(14).

Delaney is in hospital for months. It is a very difficult time for her, but she often smiles. The doctors and nurses like her a lot. She is a very____(15) girl.

Delaney looks very different now. She hasn’t got any hair. But she has got a___(16) friend, Kamryn.Kamryn talks to her parents. She wants to help Delaney. She wants ____(17) like Delaney. Delaney feels different ____(18) her classmates. Kamryn shaves her head. When Delaney sees her friend without hair, she is very happy. She has got a really good friend. Now Delaney isnt alone.

But there is a terrible surprise for Kamryn the next day at school. Her teachers say it isnt OK to have a shaved head. They don’t want Kamyrn to go to school with a shaved head.

A lot of  ___(19) don’t undertand the teachers, and they tell the school what they think. The newspapers have got ___(20) stories about the two girls.

In the end, the teachers say it is OK. Kamryn goes back to school.


Read the text and choose the best answer for the gaps.

9 -
10 -
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 -
15 -
16 -
17 -
18 -
19 -
20 -

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